Understanding GIRLS!!!

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Women amaze me EVERYDAY. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colours but there are 2 types that blow me away the most. The dramatic type and the SLs (see lai).

So being in Hong Kong n all, I've just been observing a lot of ladies around me (especially the see lais, they are the best). I love Hong Kong.

Also- a little eye candy for you ladies out there who love Leon. He is totally going to kill me.... but it's ok because I'm in Hong Kong and he's in Northern Ireland. Phew... But after over 10 years, I STILL GOT THESE VIDEOS! Amazing isn't it? That'll teach him for sneaking into my bedroom and making those brilliant videos!

Just wanna be clear that I am just playing around n joking for this video. Don't take it too seriously. I may be a girl but heck, even I don't understand women at times. Times I don't even understand myself. I know NOTHING about women.. I am just exaggerating. I'm not dissing women. I am totes Team XX chromosome.

The Chubby Bunny Video (with mr hotty leon)

I don't know when the next Bubbiosity Video will be...
Might be a while because Bubz ish busy planning her trip to UK and US.
But hopefully it won't be too long =D

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