Dante and Lulu 12/29/09 Scenes Limo Loving.

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OMG.OMG.OMG.OMG.OMG.OMG.OMG.OMG.OMG.OMG.OMG.OMG.OMG!EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! Lulu says so far,the limo ride in Manhattan is no complaints from her.Dante says sorry about the trains,he should have gotten a flight.Dante says she is beautiful.Definitely the most hottest thing there.He says the guys were jealous.She says it's a good thing she is w/an officer.She still wants to know where they are going.After unsuccessfully guessing,and even saying The Police Man's Ball,Dante tells her he is living up to his promise to her,when they were int he basement...the opera.Lulu gets a horrified look on her face.Dante says does Lulu have a problem with the opera?She says no,it's great,but she still thinks he's messing with her.Dante says he loves the opera.She says didn't his aunt have to drag him to the opera? He says he fell in love with it.Dante says the music is amazing and passionate,she will see.Lulu says an undercover cop is excited about the opera.It's different.Dante promises she will like it.He starts trying to explain it to her,and she starts making up some goofy stuff.Lulu keeps laughing and says she doesn't get how people enjoy singing in another language,really loudly.Dante says there are teleprompters and he will explain it all to her.Dante says emotions transcend language.It's amazing.The soprano is gonna break her heart.Lulu says is he sure he doesn't want to go out for drinks?Dante says the club scene has nothing on the opera.He says it's too late anyways,cause they are there.He tells her if it's she hates it,he will run with her.She laughs.Lulu is in the limo,moved to tears.Dante says he hopes that means she liked it.She says it was so beautiful and sad.Lulu said the words don't even matter,cause she loved it.She says the way it makes her feel,it's undescribable.She says she never had a feeling like that before.She says they were lovers.They were supposed to be together,and she died in his arms.Dante said that part was sad.Lulu thanks him for "the best date I've ever been on".Dante says next time,they'll see Carmen.He says she dies in that too,but it's good.Lulu says it's so passionate.She says the death in the end was to show him how precious life.Lulu says is that why he wanted her to see this,so she can see that she is "wasting us"? Dante says he wanted to share something with her that he loves.He is glad she liked it.She says she really loved it,and pulls him closer to her by his tie and starts kissing him.There are some moans,he stops and says is she sure she wants to do this,here.She says life is short,and you never know when you can get what you want.They continue making out.Dante stops to say thank you "Puccini" and they make out some more.Lulu is on top of Dante in the limo.He is feeling her up.The limo driver opens the door and apologizes.He says he knocked a few times,but doesn't think they heard him.Dante says it's cool,they were just...Lulu and Dante start laughing.The driver asks if they want to go around the block a few times.Dante says it's cool,but they are going to gather their stuff and go back.The guy shuts the door and they start laughing,and Lulu lays her head and body on his chest.