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Extreme tornado video footage clips of the violent and deadly Oklahoma and Kansas tornado outbreak on May 4, 2007, the same day Greensburg Kansas was hit by a violent F5 tornado. This footage was shot in NW Oklahoma just hours before the Greensberg twister. Thank you for watching our extreme storm footage. Please note the following! 1: If you wish to contact us, please do not leave me a message here, as we do not check our YouTube mail very often. Please visit and use the contact data there. 2: For commercial licensing of this footage, please visit 3: For consumer DVD's, prints, posters, etc, please visit and follow the links. For DVD's you can also visit 4: For biographical data, or media contacts regarding Mr. Faidley, or the Storm Angel Chase team, please visit All of the footage seen on our YouTube productions was shot by award wining photographer and cinematographer Warren Faidley. Mr. Faidley, was the world's first storm chasing journalist. Unlike most "chasers," he pursues all types of severe weather and natural disasters as a full-time occupation. His client list has included: NASCAR, The Weather Channel, Johnson & Johnson, MTV, DuPont, National Geographic, Fox News, CNN and many more.
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