How to Make a Flash Game Trainer

By: Zipstacracksta


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CAN'T FIND CUSTOM!?!?! You are using a different version of software than what I used in this video like 5 years ago. Thats okay! Just scroll down in your properties panel until you find MOVIE, put the URL there instead.

This is a simple, and old, but still good, tutorial on how to make a flash game trainer in Visual Basic 6.0. You are free to use this same method in Visual Basic 2008 or 2010.

If you are wondering how the variable names are found all you have to do is load specific flash file into a decompiler. Which, get this, DECOMPILES, the flash file, letting you view the code at whim.

You're welcome:

Thank you for all the views and comments over the years. This was, and always will be the very first Flash game trainer tutorial on Youtube!

Please, no private messages regarding to Visual Basic. I am a C++ programmer, and am currently attending University.

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