Operation BSU: Psi*Run RPG Initialization

By: Alexander Williams


Uploaded on July 01, 2012 by Alexander Williams Powered by YouTube

Running Psi*Run from Nightsky Games (http://nightskygames.com/welcome/game/PsiRun) for the first time? Check. Using Google Docs for the character sheet and game table bits? Check. Starting with an absolutely goofy set-up that ends in trauma, suffering, emotional crippling, and mass murder that ends in space travel? Check. Operation BSU (http://operationbsu.org, +Operation BSU) starts edging out on the limb to bring you indie gaming. And toxic insanity. Tune in every Saturday night at 10pm and catch the bleeding edge in ... well, whatever is new that week. Like a morning show. Only better. And at night.
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