Puppet Master - Part 1 - Heroes Of Newerth Guide

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His skill build: 1: Puppeteer's Hold 2. Whiplash 3. Whiplash 4. Puppet Show 5. Whiplash 6. Voodoo Puppet 7. Whiplash (maxed out) 8. Puppet Show 9. Puppet Show 10. Puppet Show (maxed out) 11. Voodoo Puppet 12. Puppeteer's Hold 13. Puppeteer's Hold 14. Puppeteer's Hold (maxed out) 15. Stats 16. Voodoo Puppet (maxed out) etc Puppeteer's hold at level 1 provides a nice disable and can help a level 1 gank or counter gank. After that you max out whiplash and puppet show (craze). Whiplash will provide you with the DPS to gank and farm, and puppet show (when used in the right situation) disables a hero completely for almost 4 seconds. It also has a very long range. Puppeteer's hold on the other hand doesn't silence, so the hero can still cast and even fight you if they choose, they just can't move very far from where you cast it. Your combo can do upwards of 1k damage easily, sneak up on someone from the woods, attack once if you are confident you will land puppet show still, otherwise just open with puppet show. Attack several times, then after 3-3.5 seconds cast Hold, keep attacking but avoid AOE stuns (pyromancer for example) since they can cast now. After about 3 seconds cast your ulti and attack the puppet and they should be dead. Items for puppet vary a lot. Stacking damage items (shield breaker, savage mace) is good, just don't get Rifshards as critical strikes no longer stack so if both proc only one of them does damage. Shrunken head is a good item since even though you have disables in a team fight you will be targeted. SH will allow you to auto attack their whole team with impunity. If you are playing a pub where your allies aren't very good Assassin's shroud can be viable for initiation or escape (not recommended). I like to start my build with boots and 2x bracers simply for the survivability, then go Harkon's or other damage item! Happy hunting. Subscribe for more videos!
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