Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

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High profile lawyer, Martin Hunter (Michael Douglas) has an impeccable record putting criminals behind bars and is a shoo-in for governor in the upcoming election. But when ambitious rookie journalist, C.J. (Jesse Metcalfe) begins investigating Hunter for tampering with evidence to secure his convictions, the district attorneys perfect record is up for scrutiny. Commencing a risky game of cat and mouse with Hunter, C.J. frames himself as a murder suspect to catch the corrupt D.A. in the act. Romantically involved with C.J. but unaware of his assignment, assistant D.A. Ella Crystal (Amber Tamblyn) becomes caught between her bosss political ambitions and C.J.s dangerous exposé. As mounting evidence stacks up against both men, Ellas own life becomes threatened when she discovers incriminating proof that puts the fate of both Nichols innocence and Hunters reputation in her hands.

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