Ener: Wild Fire (One Piece AMV)

By: tazoz


Uploaded on August 16, 2006 by tazoz Powered by YouTube

NOTE: Contains spoilers for OP's Skypiea arc.

For my first AMV attempt I wanted to do something fast-paced, and Ener is my favourite One Piece villain. There's also a lot of Nami and Luffy in this (the second half tells a story if you look).

Coordination is very important to me, so I paid a lot of attention choreographing the action with beats, rhythm and lyrics. As soon as the DVD-ripped raws for Skypiea are out I intend to get rid of the subtitles.

Suggestions on any other improvements that can be made are welcome.

(Edit: The song is called 'Ultra' by kmfdm)

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