Eritrea Ethiopia Border War:123,000 Ethiopians Killed Part 5

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The American funded and Russian armed Ethiopian military doubled the size of its armed forces to fight in the 1998-2000 war against Eritrea, mobilizing some 250,000 men. Casualty figures reached a massive number of 123,000 Ethiopian soldiers killed, principally in the two major assaults in February-June 1999 and May-June 2000. While Eritrea sustaind 19,000 casualties in combat.

The final result of the border war came in a court room, where Eritrea was rewarded Badme, (the small town alegidly the war started over) in which Ethopian leaders signed agreeing to the court's rulling but yet have done nothing to keep their end of the bargin. Military experts believe another war may very well brake out do to Ethiopia's carelessness and bitterness towards its smaller, yet, stronger militarily neighbor of Eritrea.


Sources of Casualtie figures: The BBC Monitoring Service reported on April 10, 2001 that 123,000 Ethiopian troops were indeed killed in the two year border war with Eritrea.

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