How to Make a Mask Tutorial Part 1 (introduction, 6 Main Steps, Presculpting)

By: EvilSlaughter13


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Sorry for all the long parts, when I said I was going to make a tutorial video to teach you guys how to truly make masks I wasnt lying. So here it is, I took out everything I know about mask making and made them into 10 min parts. I hope you guys learned something from all these parts and I want you guys to learn at your own pace. Dont forget to tell other people about this tutorial video especially for the ones who have no idea how to make masks. Speaking of other people, for those of you who are new to my videos and channel make sure you guys check out my masks and my videos. Once again if you have any questions regarding to this tutorial you can post a comment or a video response to any of these tutorial video parts. I hope you guys subscribe since I basically told you guys most of the tips and secrets that not all mask makers will usually tell you about mask making and also for putting this whole tutorial thing together which took a while to do . If you guys still want my How to Make a Latex Mask Instructions just subscribe to me and send me a message saying that you want the instructions and ill give it to you as soon as possible. Make sure you guys watch the intro to this tutorial video and not to mention the conclusion since I have important stuff to say at the beginning and end of this tutorial. Happy Mask Making!!

Where to get mask making materials:

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