All I Want For Christmas Is You (Mostly Seddie/Some Loliver)

By: Victory175


Uploaded on December 13, 2008 by Victory175 Powered by YouTube

Merry (early) Christmas!!! This is mostly Seddie but with a few Loliver clips from the new episodes splashed in. lol :)
This is for all my amazing Loliver and Seddie subscribers! Thank you for all your support :)

This is dedicated to SeddieAngel for inspiring me to finish it and for letting me rant about the kiss between Sam and Freddie! (Which was amazing!!!)You're a great friend and you really inspired me to finish this video! :D

Song: All I Want For Christmas Is You- Mariah Carey
Program: Sony Vegas Platinum 8.0
Footage/Clips: Hannah Montana, iCarly, bonus footage

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