Crysis 2: Unofficial Cinematic Trailer

By: AlisterBuss


Uploaded on September 09, 2009 by AlisterBuss Powered by YouTube

Winner in the Nano Awards:

* Best Score - 2nd Place

A cinematic FAN trailer for Crysis 2, and my final Crysis video.

I tried to make a trailer that looked like a movie trailer. My other Crysis 2 trailer was very different from what you would expect a trailer to be like and not everyone liked that so I made a much more traditional one with a cinematic score and fast paced, action orientated cuts.

I am not good with the Sandbox Editor so I improvised with what little I knew. I decided instead to use my strength which is editing and to record scenes from the original game, cut dialogue and sound effects together to form a narrative with exciting video.

I took on board criticism of my earlier work saying it was too short and slow paced so I tried to change those things that people complained about. I put a lot of effort in to this even though I didn't create any complex trackview sequences. Hope you enjoy, comment, rate, whatever you want to do.

- Game: Crysis
- Developer: Crytek
- Music: The Great Devourer by Doyle W. Donehoo
- Edited by: Alister Buss

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