Charlotte Home Inspector Water Heater Maintenance

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*******www.homeinspectioncarolina****/ The typical water heater in Charlotte NC is usually a cylindrical ta...
*******www.homeinspectioncarolina****/ The typical water heater in Charlotte NC is usually a cylindrical tank with a heat source in or below the tank, used to heat entering cold water for supply of hot water to a home when needed. Most residential water heaters have a 40 to 50 gallon glass-lined steel tank (but can range up to 88 gallons). The heat source can be either gas (natural or propane), oil, electricity, solar or geothermal. The life expectancy of the average water heater is 8 to 12 years for gas and oil, 10-15 for electrical, solar and geothermal, and over 20 years on tankless (made of stainless steel). There are several different types of hot water systems used in the Charlotte NC, Gastonia NC, Weddington NC, Huntersville NC, Indian Trail NC including: Indirect water heater systems, dual purpose water heater systems, on-demand water heater systems (or tankless), high efficiency gas systems or direct vent systems. Indirect water heater systems use a boiler to heat the water. Dual purpose water heaters (also referred to as hedonic water heaters) use one of the heat types above and then store domestic hot water while circulating hot water through a heat exchanger connected to a forced air furnace. Home Inspection Carolina has inspectors that inspect all of these. On-demand water heaters (or tankless) only heat the water when there is a demand for it and they do not have a storage tank. Instant hot water heaters are small (1/2 gallon) and are located near the tap--a design that provides hot water for only one tap. Basic Components Whether the water heater uses gas, oil or electric to fuel the heat source, all water heaters share the following basic components: Cold Water Inlet Pipe Cold Water Control Valve Cold Water Dip Tube Hot Water Outlet Pipe Anti-Corrosion or Sacrificial Anode Drain Valve Temperature/Pressure Relief (TPR) Valve (TPRV) TPRV Discharge Tube *******www.homeinspectioncarolina****/