Sybill and Severus//What if Things Could Be Different?

By: XxHarryXxPotterxX


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So here is the storyline:

Sybill and Severus are together, and have been for quite sometime. Sybill trusts Severus and tells him everything, but then she is heartbroken when she finds out he killed Albus. He goes on the run after doing this, leaving Sybill alone. Months pass and he still hasn't contacted her, so she goes through a down-ward spiral, changing her apparence and what not. (which is why in some parts she doesn't look like Sybill, but like Emma:L) Black and white parts are either memories, or what might have happened if they had stayed together. The end seen, where they are kissing, is when Severus finally comes back. The song is The River Flows In You, with Anne Manda singing the lyrics. I hope you like it, it's my first S/S video!

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