Von Dooley - Sh*tty Pop Song [18+]

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Buy Shitty Pop Song on iTunes: http://bit.ly/nAtpBM Download the vocals here at http://www.mediafire.com/?zmmzxdp83liq37g add them to ACTUAL shitty pop songs and see how seamlessly they fit together. Contact Von Dooley at vondooleymusic@gmail.com for anything you want to ask him. And I mean ANYTHING. LYRICS: I lost a bet with all of my friends so now I have to write a shitty pop song in a day. It's not too hard, they're all the same. Dramatic chords with a melody and bass. And then the kick comes in, you kick it real hard, it's the same old kick in every fucking song. Let the beat set in, build it nice and fast and when you're ready head into the chorus It's the same old, same old, same old song It's a shitty pop song, shi shi shitty pop song (x4) And now the next verse, you might think it's shit so I'll throw in a harmony to change it up a bit. This took me an hour and a half to make and honestly that's even pushing it a bit (pointless whisper) And the beat comes back in like every other song. I'm not even writing any lyrics at all. It doesn't even matter what I'm trying to say cause by this point in the song you're just dancing anyway It's the same old, same old, same old song It's a shitty pop song, shi shi shitty pop song (x4) Dramatic chords, dramatic chords (x4) Quarter note, Eighth note, Sixteenth note, Thirty-Second note It's the same old, same old, same old song It's a shitty pop song, shi shi shitty pop song (x4) It's "Shitty Pop Song", the debut single from European pop star Von Dooley that is completely serious and not satirical at all. Von Dooley was born at the age of 7, he felt that the first 6 years of life weren't going to be memorable so he just stayed in the womb. Once finally conceived, Von Dooley immediately took to classical piano, which he practiced every day in his teen years. Now, with his classical training in piano and also voice as a tenor, Von Dooley felt it was time to showcase his talents to the world. So, he made an auto-tuned pop song with a programmed beat and really no effort. He hopes the world can finally appreciate his many talents. Still reading? You must really be interested in this video! Yes, this video is a satire on how ridiculously easy modern pop music is to make (See the lyrics in the second verse). It's called "Shitty Pop Song" for christ's sake! We're just a bunch of ACTUAL musicians who felt the need to vent about pop music, in the form of a really catchy pop song. But this isn't a "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" approach, it's just a bunch of college kids having fun at the industry's expense. Still reading? See if you can guess where this was filmed. There's enough hints in the video to help you out. Still reading? Well stop reading and watch the video again! It's probably over by now anyway and if you spent this whole time reading you probably missed half the things.
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