Gift of a Friend ❤ (For Lilli)

By: tututessa


Uploaded on April 18, 2012 by tututessa Powered by YouTube

HAPPY FIRST FRIENDSHIP ANNIVERSARY. *Lilli post a petition about who she wants to play Rue* *Tessa sees and thinks 'I didn't know she liked THG' and then comments* "They just cast someone to play Rue, I think she's PERFECT" *Lilli see that and starts a chat* "I didn't know you liked THG" "YES, I love them!" *Beginning a long conversation* And the rest was history :) Who'd have known right? We're almost- well we ARE inseparable now and even though we live in different countries we find a way to speak to each other everyday and that as well as our musketeer convos with Stacey are among the highlights of my week. You're pretty cool dude (boy talk) and my favorite British person! I'm sorry for making you watch things that scare you, but it's so fun. So I don't think I can stop, this is sorry in advanced. Thank you so much for being the organized one, without you I probably wouldn't make as many videos as I do now XD You keep me busy trying to keep up with you. Stay awesome. I hope you guys can find the video behind that mustache!
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