In The Borderlands (Borderlands Rock - Rap)

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Published 27 Oct 2011
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In The Borderlands (Borderlands Rock - Rap Music Video)

TEAMHEADKICK takes on Borderlands in this music video featuring cool slide guitars, a harmonica, and some fast and fun gameplay straight from this epic title. Enjoy!

MP3 Available on iTunes, Amazon, and worldwide under TEAMHEADKICK

On the edge of the world, as the dust rolls in,
Where the tumble weeds blow is where we begin
4 new comers step off the bus
got to prepare, this is dangerous
The land is infested with Tons of Skags,
Little midgets shooting shotguns, making me laugh,
Bandits, and Brutes, and Armored Crabs,
Bugs, Zombies, and turret blasts,
Were on a mission, got to get to the vault though
Im packed and strapped, kinda feeling like Rambo
A whole bunch of raiders, killers, and thieves,
Get anything you want from the vending machines.
Spend half of my day fixing up Clap Traps,
Evening comes around Im huntin down Rakks,
You can be a hunter, if thats your thing
Walkin around New Haven tossin out the blood wing
This barren wastland can be so tough,
Gotta Run and Gun to get my stats up
Cant be afraid to strafe and shoot
Mad Treasure huntin skills, always picking up loot
Well I suppose I should kill 9 toes right quick,
And since I be beserkin you know I use my fists,
Lighting up my wrists with an elephant gun,
Its a Jacobs bitch, one shot and your done
So lets gear up its time to get ready
Tossing out grenades here comes the bouncing bettie
Serving up roadkill, as I drive
Old School blaster master is the color of my ride
Got a itchy trigger finger, ah huh a little bit
Sniper blastin out steady with the critical hit
Pandora is the name of this crazy world,
Got to stop and get some food for crazy Earl,

Down We Go, Huntin in the sand
Anything can happen, and does, in the Borderlands.

Doing tons of jobs, because Im well paid
Gotta kill Scar off, and get back TKs Leg
This rocket launcher here is always explosive,
Change the Ammo right quick, then we go to corrosive
These back wood folks they shoot like retards,
Duck behind some cover let the shields recharge
Then pop back blastin because Im mental
So many guns its like I live in south Central
That Bad Mo Fo left a hole in my head,
Gotta respawn, see doctor Zed
Bought a new assault rifle, its getting hectic,
Level 50 son, you know that Im Epic
And when the game is over what do you do,
Get ready for a challenge in the playthrough 2
I got a whole bunch of guns, and I use both hands,
This is how we do it in the Borderlands. 

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