That's So Raven Soup to Nuts

By: partyanimal70


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Raven Baxter comes to school flashy and all to realize the new school rules 'no spiky hills, shiny hats and no noisy jewelry'. Then while removing of the restricted stuff, her beads gave way and Mr. Stuckerman who set those new rules accidently slips over. When the paramedics arrive the VP claims that he will deal with Raven the next day. Then suddenly Raven has a vision of the VP retiring on the 19th of May meaning the next day. So she decides to pretend she has a cold to avoid the injured VP just for one day, on the 19th of May. That is when her father decides to make a special recipe soup that will cure Raven's cold, which is extremely spicy. Raven still pretending she has a cold, her father goes to the kitchen to make a new and spicy batch of the soup. As he leaves for the kitchen, Raven immediately switch on the TV to get the heat of her mind and thats when a music video about her being physic comes on. Than her VP appears on the TV screen shocking her. She trys to switch channels but the VP don't go of her TV, and finally she switch to another channel managing to get her VP of the TV screen. Then suddenly an old sitcom named 'Oh That Raven' comes on.

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