Let's Play Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic - Part 106: Juan Solo Vs. Darth Malak

By: SuperVaderMan


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This is the finale to my KotOR Let's Play, where we show our valor by running away from the big scary man with the glow sword. Since the credits were shorter than I was expecting, here's some other things I was planning to say but didn't have time to: I feel like I have to apologize for not exploring all of the companions' backstories to their full extent. I mean, that's one of the big draws of BioWare games, right? The companions' characters and their individual stories and side-quests. I went through this game with the mindset of "it's an LP, and it's gonna be boring if I spend 5 parts just talking to my friends," and I kinda kept things moving with the main story. Still, I feel bad about all the stuff I missed. Like, I missed out on helping Carth's son, Dustal; I missed out on repairing HK-47's memory to increase his stats and hear some funny stories of his; I missed out on a tender scene with Bastila; I missed out on some cool war stories from Canderous; I missed out on pretty much everything involving Mission, including a side-quest involving her brother Grif; and, most importantly, I don't think I explored everything regarding Jolee's past, which really sucks 'cause he's my favorite character in the game. So if you haven't played the game yet and are kinda on the fence about playing it (ya'know, since you just watched a playthrough of it), I'd say do so, 'cause there's even more cool stuff with the companions to explore that I missed out on. Another thing I wanted to mention was that people have been wondering why I decided to go through the game using just a pistol and not a lightsaber. Lightsabers are awesome, why WOULDN'T you wanna use them? Which, yeah, in part 1 when I said I was gonna do a pistol run, I didn't really give that good of an explanation for why I wanted to do that. For one, it's something I've never done before. I've also never played the Scoundrel class before. So pairing the two together (which conveniently creates the Han Solo-y kinda archetype I was going for) would be something that would make the game more interesting for me to play. Secondly I did it since everyone else uses lightsabers in their LPs and just playing in general, and I wouldn't be adding anything unique to the LP community by doing that myself. So I decided to be a hipster about it and said "lightsabers are too mainstream," and went with just a trusty blaster at my side. Initially I thought it would end up being a challenge run, since pistols don't do that much damage, which was the case at first. But even when I figured out how to exploit the Scoundrel classes strengths by getting quadruple sneak attacks on people, it still helped to keep me interested in the combat since I had to think a little bit and position myself to pull that off, rather than standing there and hitting the bad guys with a glow sword until they fall down. And that's about it guys, another LP is now under my belt. Hope you've enjoyed, because I sure have.
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