It's Not Easy to Be Obi Wan

By: Beatlesfan1225


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Hello everyone! This time I went back and I did another music video, like my Surfin Safari Zelda video. I love this song and I thought that it fit my favorite character, Obi Wan Kenobi pretty well. Anyways please enjoy it! I am working on my next video and I will come back to Star Wars a few more times for sure! The Contest I joined this in is over, sadly I did not win. Nevertheless, I'll be working to make another video for the next contest. -All of the clips are of Obi Wan throughout the 6 Star Wars Films EDIT- 800 VIEWS! I know that isn't a lot but I am so proud that I have had very positive response to this video. I am very proud of it, I'm so glad you all enjoy it. Please check out my other Star Wars videos as well! EDIT 2 1000 Views?!! Thank you so much everyone. I know it isn't a lot but to me that's more than I ever thought my videos would get... thank you! EDIT 3 I want to thank everyone again for enjoying and sharing my video. I am so glad my video has brought joy to people and I enjoy making them. I have had a few questions on where I got the idea for this video. Adamwestslapdog made a video titled "It's Not Easy To Be Link" (This video has been linked in the Video Response box of my video since I uploaded it) Adam used the Zelda character Link with this song. I saw it, loved it, and decided to test myself and attempt to use it with Obi Wan, whom I think the song depicts very well! I do believe I did make it my own and I think myself and Adam had extremely different approaches to the song :)
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