The Avatar Boys Are Pretty Fly

By: TheOriginalMusicGen


Uploaded on August 03, 2007 by TheOriginalMusicGen Powered by YouTube

oh yea! Aang, Zuko are pretty fly for white guys. Sokka is pretty fly too. Its just that he isn't white! tol. MOVING ON..

Song - Pretty Fly (For a White Guy) by the Offspring
Ending Song - Spider Pig
Programs Used - STARTED with Windows Movie Maker.... ended with Adobe Premiere Pro (Adobe Premiere 7.0) program x)

this amv was inspired from potatoesarecool's "Avatar Oddities" video. check it out.. its awesome.. hehehe.. so basically i started this AMV a loong time ago, but then i recently got this uberly awesome Movie Program, and then in 37 hours (the learning aspect took me a while) i finally done it ;) in my opinion, i think this is the best avatar video i've done yet. I gurantee you won't be disappointed. its all pretty entertaining.

so about this video. it centers basically around Aang, Sokka and Zuko. The video rotates around them..soo if you get confused...well yea. it gets random sometimes..but i did the best i can to synch with the lyrics.. hehehe..a nd check out the awesome effects :D

I don't own Avatar or Pretty Fly or Spider Pig. They all belong to Viacom, The Offspring, and The Simpsons and Han Zimmer respectively.

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