Pro Obama Illegal Aliens Murder Attempt Stopped by American

By: Homonoid


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B Hussein Obama is anti gun and pro illegal alien from Mexico. Racist illegal aliens from Mexico decided to murder an American home owner in Arizona. Because the homeowner did not comply with B Hussein Obama's theory about gun control he was able to fight off the 4 racist illegal aliens.

I think it is fair to say that the four racist illegal aliens from Mexico supported Obama in the last election, since their motto is si se puede (yes we can). Obama's motto during the election was si se puede (yes we can).

The homeowner in this video demonstrated no you cannot!

This home owner is a hero.

Everyone who supports illegal immigration supports the murderers in the video.

Notice they had a nice new car with aftermarket rims. But I am sure the media would portray them as poor illegal immigrants who were just here to do jobs American's wouldn't do.

Obama wanted the homeowner to be murdered because he does not support gun ownership. The state government of California supports the attempted murderers as well because they support limiting the availability of the higher capacity ammunition magazines this homeowner benefited from.

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