LITERAL Skyrim Trailer

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GET THE MP3! - ******* POSTERS! - ******* Oliveology! - *******www.facebook****/shavewitholiveology?sk=app_198455966846349 Click to Tweet! - *******tinyurl****/skyrimRT Fans! *******facebook****/tobyturnerfans TobyGames! ******* Shirts! ******* Twitter! ******* Literal Skyrim Trailer Music remade by Brennan Anderson *******brennananderson****/mp3s/ LYRICS: Bethesda Game Studios Should probably fire their helicopter cameraman Ominously lit carving of some dragons Cameraman running through the forest Slow zoom on a carving of Gandalf and his friends Confused dragon trying to mate with some birds. The first Tie-Fighter Overworked cameraman running through the snow Carving of an ancient tug-of-war (slow dramatic zoom) Running towards a tiny hill. STOP!! That's a cliff Carvings of dragons breathe carvings of fire Dude, turn around or you'll die Shaky rocky formation Pan down then it opens its eye Pull out your sword on a ledge Carving is rooting for the dragon Sword-fighting a dragon in the snow's gotta be cold. OR NOT! Show the fire carving burning the shield carving Leg carving. Medium-shot carving He's regretting wearing a sleeveless tunic for this fight VOICE ATTACK! But his voice went too far right It went to a mountain town and a forest. Stop for the night In the morning, pass the windmill to a natural stone rocky formation bridge Then it snows on a stream. There's a giant. Follow him, then him. Shave a dragon, and a werewolf, and the patron is next Battle axe! Help him floss! Shoot a frostbit at a wall, spin attack (FAIL!) Fire-bomb, dragon leaves when his barber is done Shoot a puppy with an arrow, make a ball in your hands (Get stabbed!) Dragon wants a refund, sneak-smack a big spider Then barber gives dragon free touch-ups on his way out That's why you should sit still at the barber Dragon's soul tells off the clumsy barber Then it goes through the trees to tell its back-up "Thanks for nothing." Skyrim. The Elder Scrolls, V. 111111. Dots. Tags: literal trailer "literal trailer" skyrim "literal skyrim" "skyrim literal" "skyrim literal trailer" bethesda oblivion elder scrolls toby turner tobuscus game gaming gamer games trailer trailers preview release date launch