BF2: Nations at War Nukes

By: twolf816


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***UPDATED 11-17-11: READ HERE***

OK, After a year away I am back and will try to answer comments and questions. However most questions can be answered by reading the following:

1) This video was made to display the effects of the air dropped nuclear bomb and sea launched nuclear cruise missile and how it interacts with gameplay. No other reason.

2) Nations at War is a modification for Battlefield 2. I have not played NAW since this video was uploaded so I know NOTHING about future versions.

3) The maps depicted are Gaza (beginning) and Midway (island) both based on respective versions from BF1942 and its Desert Combat Mod.

4) This video was recorded on the PC in a private server loaded with bots for filming purposes. However the map, nukes, and mod was playable in multiplayer on co-op and conquest modes at one time.

Thank you for viewing.

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