「Loving You / I'll Never Fall In Love」- Tracy Huang 黃鶯鶯 MV經典重溫

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For the benefit of those new to Tracy's songs, here's a brief write-up of my favourite singer:

Tracy is indeed a true diva (in Asia) having won numerous accolades during her singing career spanning four decades (yes thats incredible!) Born in Taiwan, she started singing at an exclusive American club which partly explains her ability to sing English songs so well. But Singapore was where her popularity reached sky high in the late 70s with several best selling No. 1 English albums, even across Asia.

Back in Taiwan, her Mandarin albums were also produced at a consistently high standard with numerous chart-topping hit songs to her credit. Till now, I guess no other singers could be so adept at singing both English and Mandarin songs (she even released a Cantonese album in Hong Kong) than Tracy.

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