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Art photos of Cher from photo sessions to promote her 14th studio album, "Cherished" from 1977. This is one of the lost Cher albums of the mid 1970's; Warner Brothers has not released it on cd. Thus it is just gathering dust in the vast Warner Brother's vault. So, for all to hear, 30 years later...Cher sings, "Pirate" the only single released from this album, which was produced by Snuff Garret. Snuff Garret had created hits for Cher in the past with Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves, Half Breed and Dark Lady, all story songs that people seemed to love. This song still has that Cher magic to it, Pirate was just way ahead of it's time...Imagine if it had been released last summer during the big "Pirates of the Carribbean craze. Just 30 years too early.

Arrrgggg Me Matey's!!! Look out for Captain Jack Sparrow to make a cameo appearnace. Cher shows off her Pirate Booty!

Now what is the "secret, He should know?"

Lyrics if you want to sing along!!!
I checked 3 sites for the lyrics to Pirate, and all
three had the words wrong......I know Cher loves
to twist a vowel, and drawl out her notes, so here are the
correct lyrics.

Pirate Lyrics

He sailed on in with the summer wind
That blows on Biscayne Bay
Everybody called him Pirate
Dark and handsome in his own way
And the fire in his eyes
Lit all the fire inside of me
And soon we were feeling so much more
than the wind and waves and sea

Pirate, I'm not gonna take your soul
I only want the right to love you
I know the sea won't let you go
Pirate, my love will only chain you down
So just know how much I love you
And then turn that ship around

Second Verse.
Every time that he'd sail back to me
We'd fall in love again
And my face would fill with wonder
At all the places that he'd been
But I knew his sweetest love song
Was when he heard the trade winds blow
And I loved him way too much
To tell the secret he should know

Third Verse...
Now as I watch in silence
Another young man goes to sea
And his silhouette is stirrin' up
A painful memory
And I know his heart is set to sail
But mine is set to cry
Cause I feel as the way I did
The day his Daddy said goodbye
I told him.....


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