Our Hearts Hero "Shine On" Music Video

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Music video for "Shine On" by Our Hearts Hero.

 Available now at iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/shine-on-single/id524022930

Directed & Produced By: Nick Joyce

DP & Editing: Jeremy McKnight

Cameras: Jeremy McKnight, Mark Webb & Josh Edwards

Special thanks to Pullman Square and the Huntington PD. 

Thank you to the hundreds and hundreds of "flashlight kids" who came out and battled the freezing temperatures to support this project. We are humbled and overwhelmed. We hope you are as proud of this as we are. Shine On!

Matthew 5:14-16. 1 John 1:5-7. 1 Thessalonians 5:5. Romans 13:12. Ephesians 5:8.



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"Shine On"
Music & Lyrics - Nick Joyce
©2012 Green Meteor Music (ASCAP)


Can you feel it
so thick it's in the air
you can't outrun it
this darkness everywhere
what used to glow
now is faded and dim inside
you're not alone
you've got something so bright

Shine on
when the night is too long
and you can't find a way
if hope seems gone
Shine on
there's a reason that you
were given this chance to be
a light to look to
so shine on

deep in these shadows
where only blackness is
just one light beaming
can pierce through all of it
when all that's left is the void
of your darkest night
the smallest spark
looks even more bright

We are light,
You are forever
We shine bright,
brighter than ever

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