Anthony "Amp" Elmore Vs. Tony Palmore PKA Controversial Title Bout

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5 time world Karate Kickboxing Champion Anthony "Amp" Elmore of Memphis took on Tony Palmore of Mia...
5 time world Karate Kickboxing Champion Anthony "Amp" Elmore of Memphis took on Tony Palmore of Miami in a controversial PKA Super heavyweight Karate Kickboxing bout in October of 1984. Although this fight happen almost 30 years ago this fight always invoke emotions in Elmore. We describe this bout as taught in Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism as "Hendoku Iyaku." This means to literally change poison into medicine. Often times when we think that we have lost in actuality we have won more than we can imagine. In 1984 after making dignified comments after the controversial decision Elmore received letters of encouragement from many people praising Elmore for taking a dignified stance regarding the decision. More importantly just two most after the decision in Florida Elmore was in the ring fighting the number 10th ranked contender Mr. William Eaves of Vernon, Alabama. Elmore later went on to went both the Kick or Karate International Council of Kickboxing Heavy and Super-heavyweight Work Titles. Later he won the PKC or Professional Karate Commission Title against Zennie Reynolds. Many did not agree with the Florida decision and other Sanction organizations awarded a Titles. Elmore never stop working and we took on the entire PKA Top ten listed fighters and we fought everyone who wanted a shot at the title. Had we beaten Palmore we would not been able to gain 5 World Titles. More importantly than winning the world titles was the struggles we had to face. Since Elmore did not have PKA were he was exposed to E.S.P.N. Elmore had to produce his own telecasts. Elmore produced shows that aired on the B.E.T. or Black Entertainment Television network. Elmore met with then B.E.T. owner Robert Johnson who liked the Kickboxing Even more important while producing shows Elmore learned how to video edit and produce Television shows. This video production background gave Elmore the courage and belief to produce his movie "The Contemporary Gladiator." Elmore was able to use some of his actual video footage and integrate the footage into the move. This video show Elmore's close relationship and dedication to the Adolph Coors Company. Elmore was the 1st Kickboxer in America to gain sponsorship from a major American Cooperation. Further Elmore was the 1st African American in the history of Coors Beer to be awarded a personal service contract. Elmore is proud of being one of the most visible celebrity in the history of Coors.