WoF 1/4/10: Hilarious Quadruple Epic Failure - Regis Philbin & Kelly Ripa - Full Round

By: WayoshiM


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EDIT 11/8/10: This was linked on an article from Yahoo.com main page, bringing over a crowd who thinks that Caitlin from 11/5/10 slept with Merv or Pat to get her incredible solve...so I'm going to have to approve all comments for the time being.

Maybe I'll find a better title later...but boy. I'm glad this came in R1 and no one landed on $2500, as there were no huge losses as a result. I wonder if Regis & Kelly will talk about this tomorrow on their show... XD

The *FOUR* missolves here are the most I've ever seen in a non-speedup round - and although I'm not an expert on Wheel's past I'm pretty sure there are very few rounds ever with more than 2. I would appreciate it if someone knew for certain if this was a record or not. It takes a certain type of puzzle for this to happen, and certainly PROPER NAMES is one that fits this bill (I'm pretty horrible at names myself...but I knew these ones!!).

I actually think Wheel took emergency shorter puzzles for R2/R3 to keep themselves inside the tight time limit, but I can't prove that.

I think if Pat had more time he would have joked more about it at the end, this was perfect material for him, but we definitely ran late today due to this.

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