Robert Patrick and Bruce Le Vs Hwang Jang Lee

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I thought this was a cool scene out of a 80's B movie. Hwang Jang Lee is always awesome to watch.
Matthew (Richard Norton) lives in the year 2025 in the aftermath of the collapse of civilization. At a remote temple in the desert he discovers the head of the spear a Roman soldier is said to have poked into the side of Jesus as he hung on the cross. This magical artifact enables Matthew to travel back in time to 1986, when the film was made. His mission is to join the spearhead with the missing shaft, which, according to legend, will give him the power to prevent the holocaust which led to the collapse of civilization. At the temple site he meets Michelle (Linda Carol),an anthropology student, and her boyfriend Slade (Robert Patrick). After saving them from a gang of evil bikers, he enlists them in his mission to change the future.

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