Standard Tuning For A Ukulele

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Published 9 Nov 2008
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This is standard tuning for a soprano ukulele.  G C E A

I guess it can be used for concert and tennor size...
This is standard tuning for a soprano ukulele.  G C E A

I guess it can be used for concert and tennor sized ukes also.  Im not a uke player, but I gave it a few strums after tuning.  It was fun and has a soft but high classical type of sound, somewhat like a classical guitar or harp, with the nylon type of strings. My sisterinlaw just got it in from MusiciansFriends and she did not order a tuner, so I made a vid for anyone who wants to tune a uke up.  Its good though to have a pitch pipe or tuning fork since a cd-vid player is not always available.

The tuning of a ukulele (or uke) is kind of odd since the G string is assumed to be a deeper sounding or bass string.  It's actually tuned an octave up and is just below in frequency-pitch than the high A string.

This is the recomended tuning for a uke, and is known as the "C tuning" due to the C (or C6) chord.  This has to due with the natural pitch of the uke body, tradition, and the gauges of the strings.  Another older tuning once popular was very similar, except that each string was tuned a whole-step (2 western scale notes) higher to: A D F# B.  This was known as the "D tuning".

Tips when tuning:

1.  Tune the strings "up" to pitch, this ensures that you wont tune too hight and break the string.

2.  New strings will stretch more, and will need to be retuned.

3.  As one string is tuned, the other strings will usually go "out of tune", hence recheck all the strings when done tuning.

Check out your local music store or for new strings.

If you have a website about ukes or instruments and would like to embed or link to this video, let me know, I will most likely let you do so for just asking.
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