Feroz Khan and Hema Malini in Afghanistan!

By: hotrazawi


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Here is a beautiful pleace in <b>Afghanistan</b>! <b>Feroz Khan</b> is actually an afghan. I think that His mother and father wore pashtuns (a group in <b>Afghanistan</b>) There are many big stars in bollywood that are originally afghans, like: Aamir <b>Khan</b>, Fardeen <b>Khan</b>, Zayed <b>Khan</b> and I think that Salman <b>Khan</b> and Saif Ali <b>Khan</b> are also originally afghans. So afghans have a big role in bollywood. Afghans have allways loved bollywood movies, even the big mullah´s knows who Amitab bachchan, Shahrukh <b>Khan</b>,<b>Hema</b> ...

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