Chace Crawford: Finnick in Hunger Games! - Exclusive

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Is Chace Crawford vying for a role in The Hunger Games? - Subscribe Now! - Like Us! - Follow Us! It's true! The Gossip Girl star would love to play the role of Finnick Odair in film adaptations of Catching Fire and MockingJay. I sat down with Chace over the weekend while he made the press rounds for his newest film, What To Expect When You're Expecting... and here's what he had to say: Now, as you know Finnick is the victor of the 65th annual Hunger Games and has a seriously large role in the last two books of the trilogy. According to the books, he's described as being extremely handsome, with golden skin, bronze-colored hair and seafoam green eyes... Other actors who are rumored to be in the running include Zac Efron, Jesse Williams from Grey's Anatomy and Armie Hammer.... So, I know I'd like to see Chase nab the role -- and I think Anna Kendrick would agree... but, what do you think... Go ahead and place your vote for either Chace, Zac, Jesse or Armie in the comment section below -- and while you're at it, hit that subscribe button! In Hollywood, I'm Katie Krause and thanks for watching!
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