Round 1 - Seoul City Online B-boy Battle (Fever Seoul)

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B-boys participating:

Jay Park (Art Of Movement)
Bruce Lee (Gamblerz Crew)
Rookie (Drifterz Crew)
Skim (Jinjo Crew)
Vero (Jinjo Crew)
Pocket (Morning Of Owl)

After watching this video, it is YOUR TURN to show us YOUR moves!

Click here for more information about Fever Seoul:


Make a video where you show your moves and post it as a video response to this video right here on YouTube.

15 people will be chosen through Round 1

You have till the 20th to submit your video, so start now!

Fever Seoul is an online b-boy battle organized by the Seoul City Government to spread, worldwide, an appreciation for the b-boying culture in Seoul. Korean B-boys' abilities and skills are world renowned and a handful of top class b-boys including Jay Park, Skim, Pocket, Bruce Lee, Vero, and Rookie came together in a video to show the world the b-boying culture of Seoul, Korea. The 6 people who are selected as finalists will have the chance to battle in Seoul and join in the Seoul B-boy Promotion Video. We hope that many of you will participate!

We hope you enjoy the videos, the competition, the atmosphere. We hope to see you in Seoul!

Through Round 1 and Round 2,

1st - 6th place winners will be invited to Seoul. Flight tickets and accommodation will be covered.

Even if you don't make it to the last round, we are also giving away:
- 4th generation iPod touch
- Digital cameras
to those who participate or comment, so be sure to participate, comment and spread the word about Fever Seoul!

Curious about the spots in which the b-boys did the moves?

Check out these video by Seoul City

1. Deoksugung Palace
(Guard changing ceremony at the palace)

2. Banpo Bridge (Moonlight Rainbow Fountains)
(World's longest fountain bridge)

3. Namsan Tower
(Byunghun Lee's TV commercial for Seoul)

4. Myeongdong
Behind-the-scenes photos and regular updates on Seoul

Seoul City Official Youtube

New photos everyday from Seoul

Music by FUSIK

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