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PLEASE DON'T MENTION THE SLAYER'S NAME IN YOUR COMMENTS :D so this is my first btvs video, and i decided to make it a cast video because i love all the characters and their relationships with each other so much. also, this is one of my favorite songs ever and i've been dying to use it forever, so i figured the time had finally come for it! i tried to include as many characters and dynamics as i could and to spread the love as much as possible, but some ended up getting way more time than others. i started watching this incredible show last summer, and i fell in love with it. if you haven't watched it yet, don't watch this video and go start now because it's definitely worth it!! i also want to dedicate this video to starryeyesxx1 ( because she makes flawless btvs videos (and all her other videos are amazing too), and i was definitely inspired to make my own btvs video after viewing her work! if you haven't checked her videos out yet, you're really really missing out, she is one of the most underappreciated vidders on youtube and one of the most talented too, so go sub her now!! :D i hope you all enjoy this, and i would love to hear any feedback you have to offer! :) credit for the beautiful coloring goes to Luthien3333! (
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