Pashtoo Broken Heart Song IshQa [18+]

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Pashto Broken Heart Song IshQa

The Divine Image

IshQa Za Taba De Kram
IshQa Za Roswa De Kram

Behind Every Image There Is A Story To Be Spoken
If Images Could Speak It Would Speak A Thousand Words
Unfortunately Images Speak The Language Of Silence
So We As Human Beings Have To Take Time Patiently
Look Deep In To The Image And Listen
That Would Help Mankind Immensely
Leaving Out Descriptions
So we as human kind must learn to translate that silence into the immortal language of truth. The divine opening. The spiral in, looking into ourselves finding that humanity shares a simple commen thread.

IshQ is Love

I haven't known you very long
but that's not the way I feel;
I've told you all about me
I have nothing to conceal.

What I say may sound silly now
but you'll find it to be true;
I never thought that when we met
I would fall in love with you.

You were my new beginning,
you were the door to life beyond;
you were all that I could ever want
or ever need to carry on.

You were the future I have dreamed of,
you were a new and brighter day;
with you, there is no looking back,
the past can fade away.

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