Gimp Tutorial: Pop Art

By: malgalin


Uploaded on March 14, 2008 by malgalin Powered by YouTube

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Requested by Jadesdaddy1999.

How to produce Roy Lichenstein style Pop Art from your photographs.

This is based on several Photoshop tutorials, but is 'translated' for the Gimp, which doesn't have the 'new adjustment layers' or 'filters-sketch-halftone' options that the Photoshop tutorials rely on.

Handy shortcut keys:
ctrl+m = Merge all visible layers
[ = brush decrease size
] = brush increase size
p = paintbrush tool
shift+e = eraser tool
o = eye-dropper/colour picker tool

Remember to save your project as an .xcf file as you go along, in case you lose your work.

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