The New Girl in Town. Episode 12. (Jonas Bad Boy Story.) [18+]

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The New Girl in Town

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Episode 12


Tori; I-- *before she finishes the door bursts open and theres a few police officers standing there [awkward. :P] and they point a gun at Joe and Kevin, and then another police officer comes in with Nick handcuffed*
Police; Step away from the girl! NOW!

Joe; *shocked face and gives Tori a death glare before putting his clothes back on and getting off Tori.*
Kevin; Erm..*puts his hands up* I didnt do anything, by the way. *innocent smile*
Joe; You got her freaking clothes off, liar!
Kevin; *kicks him* Asshole.
Joe; *smirks* Hey, if Im going down--youre going down with me.
Nick; Guys! Shut the fuck up! WERE GOING TO JAIL!
Joe and Kevin; *look at each other, then frown* oh joy.
Police; *one takes Nick outside and puts him in his car and one takes both Kevin and Joe outside and puts them in the car*
Tori; *jumps off the bed quickly and puts her clothes back on, but shes still crying*
Police officer; *walks over to her* Are you okay?
Tori; *sniffling and shakes her head* Define okay.
Police officer; *smiles warmly* Is this your house?
Tori; No. Its my friend St-STACEY! Is she okay!?
Police officer; That guy..erm, Nick..cut her up pretty badly. But shell be all right. We already sent her to the hospital.
Tori; *starts to cry really hard again* I just want to go home. C-could you drive me?
Police officer; *nods and leads her to the cop car and then he gets in and starts driving* Wheres your house?
Tori; *sighs and tells him her address and he drives her there* *gets out* Hey, wait, do you know w-when I can see Stacey?
Police officer; I would go tomorrow. She needs stitches and rest.
Tori; *flinches* o-okay. What about the Jonas Brothers? Are they going to jail?
Police officer; Yes. *nods sympathetically* You should go to bed. Its 4 AM.
Tori; *runs inside her house and sits on the couch, crying*
Mrs. Smith [Toris mom]; Tori? Sweetheart, whats the matter?
Tori; *explains everything to her mom sadly*
Tori; I dont really want to repeat it, mom. *sniffle*
Mrs. Smith; Im going to call the cops on them!
Tori; Already done. Stacey did.
Mrs. Smith; wheres Stacey now?
Tori; Hospital. The police said they sent her there.
Mrs. Smith; *hugs Tori* Okay, okay. *calms down a little bit* What do you want to do, honey?
Tori; I-I just want to sleep. *is still crying*
Mrs. Smith; *smiles at her* Okay. Good night. *hugs her for another second then lets her go and Tori runs upstairs, still crying, and eventually falls asleep.*


Stacey; *wakes up, in the hospital, and gasps* How did I get here!?
Tori; *who had come to visit her* You called the police after Nick cut you up. Here, I got you a get well soon card. *smiles and hands it to her*
Stacey; *gasps* Tori! Im sorry that I couldnt help..
Tori; Its okay. *smiles warily*
Stacey; *hesitates* Are you still a..virg-
Tori; Yes. Thankfully. *sighs*
Stacey; *tries to reach over and hug Tori but she screams* Ouch! That hurts!
Tori; Yeah. Remember? Nick cut your stomach. Its probably gonna hurt to move.
Stacey; Oh, yeah. *inhales unhappily then exhales* How long am I supposed to stay here?
Tori; Maybe another day. *smiles* The doctors said youll be okay. Youre mom came in earlier and left you some flowers--then she had to go, I dont know why, though. She was really upset she had to leave. She felt bad. She says sorry.
Stacey; *smiles a little* W-what happen to Nick, Kevin and Joe?
Tori; The police took them away. *grins*
Stacey; Oh, thank god.
Tori; I- *Toris phone rings* Hold on, let me get this. *picks the phone up and goes into the other room*

Staceys POV:

Ouch. My stomach hurt. Fuck Nick. Fuck him to hell. And Joe and Kevin, too. Tori was in the hall for awhile, and was talking nervously. Finally, after twenty minutes, she came back in--looking nervous.

Stacey; Problem? *I raised one eyebrow at her*
Tori; *she was pale white* nothing. I..have to go. My mom wants me. Ill see ya later. *she left quickly, nearly sprinting out the door.*

I wrinkled my nose and thought; who had been on the other end of the phone, and what had they said?

Dun dun dun. :D



What shall happen?

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