This Week in Movies - Actress, Frances Fisher - 'The Lincoln Lawyer'

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This Week Lon and Farrell take in the two films battling over the weekend box office with very different audiences. In one corner is the Twilight clone 'Red Riding Hood' and in the other the action packed war film 'Battle: Los Angeles'. While they may rake it in at the box office neither films seemed to be a 'Winner' with our hosts. In our effort to guide your cinematic cravings through the world of Netflix streaming our hosts agreed on recommending the stark British coming-of age drama by Director Andrea Arnold 'Fish Tank'. In anticipation for the big release later this month of the legal thriller, 'The Lincoln Lawyer', Farrell is joined by Actress Frances Fisher for a one on one interview about working with Matthew McConaughey and her roles in the classic films Unforgiven and the Titanic. All this and an Oscar recap. For more information, show notes and an upcoming schedule, go to
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