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PLEASE READ TO UNDERSTAND!!! After seeing Rachel Dawes on TV, a dark obsession begins to unfurl within the Joker's breast. Ordering two goons to apprehend her, he then arrives and tells Rachel to expect a surprise from him at a later date. Haunted by the Joker's words, Rachel begins to live her life in fear since she never knows when the clown prince will follow through with his promise, and her fears are only intensified when she finds one of his cards at her desk. One day while at the DA's office, the Joker broadcasts a hostage situation and tells Rachel that if she doesn't turn herself in, he will kill one person a day until she comes to him. Being the bleeding heart that she is, Rachel (much to Bruce's displeasure) meets the Joker at their designated spot and tells him to stop hurting innocent civilians. The Joker agrees, but only under one condition: she must share his bed that night. Humiliated by the proposition, Rachel nonetheless agrees since she believes that it is a small price to pay for innocent lives. After their sordid tryst, the Joker begins to show a more "human" side to Rachel, and she finds herself beginning to gradually care for him. Still infatuated with her, the Joker urges her to become his Clown Princess of Crime. Horrified by the proposal, Rachel refuses and tells him she could never love a man who takes pleasure in killing the innocent. Infuriated with this response, the Joker has Scarecrow poison Rachel and, in the mean time, he sends Bruce a note that reads "Finders Keepers" since he wants Rachel for himself. At an old construction site, the Joker then tells Rachel that he's got the antidote, but she will only receive it if she gives up her humanitarian ways and joins him in a life of crime. Before Rachel can respond, Batman arrives and he and the Joker fight to the death. After accidentally throwing the Joker over the side of the building, Batman rushes over to Rachel to save her (the antidote broke while fighting with the Joker). Batman quickly whisks Rachel off to his Batmobile, but before they can arrive at the hospital, Rachel dies. ~~I'm honestly surprised that nobody's thought of doing this before. I mean, Katie WAS the original Rachel Dawes, so if Maggie hadn't been in TDK, I'm pretty sure that I'd still be a Jokachel shipper. Oh well, I'm proud to be the first. YEY.~~ Honor(s): #31 - Top Favorited (Today) - Nonprofits & Activism #71 - Most Discussed (Today) - Nonprofits & Activism #76 - Most Viewed (Today) - Nonprofits & Activism - Ireland #100 - Most Viewed (Today) - Nonprofits & Activism - Poland
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