Japanese Tamagotchi Movie Digest (Movie Clips!)

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Here is a SPECTACULAR overview of the events that occur in the Tamagotchi motion picture, "Eiga de Tōjō...
Here is a SPECTACULAR overview of the events that occur in the Tamagotchi motion picture, "Eiga de Tōjō! Tamagotchi Doki Doki! Uchū no Maigotchi!?", in English, "Appearing on film! Tamagotchi - Lost Child in Space!?". This is mostly a collection of clips, mainly of important events of the movie. Tanpopo narrates, telling about the film's events. Swimmingchao, another YouTube member, promised to translate this as soon as he can. :) For now, here's a summary of the movie I wrote, much thanks to TamaTalk user Joepet for providing the information needed. ^_^ "Tanpopo is a young girl who is about to become an older sister, and is worried if she can handle such a responsibility. One day, when Tanpopo is about to deliver an item to her mother, a strange light appears in the sky... "On Tamagotchi Planet, Mametchi, who is also expecting a younger sibling soon, is trying out his brand new invention, the 'Forwarding Machine'. Memetchi and Kuchipatchi come over to watch, but due to Kuchipatchi biting into a toy hamburger, and the crazy events that follow, the machine's aim is set off course, and fires at Earth. Tanpopo, the human girl, suddenly appears in Mametchi's room. "Tanpopo is estatic to meet her favorite Tamagotchi characters, but worries about getting home. Luckily, Mametchi's parents agree to build a rocket to return her to Earth, as well as a special key to return her to the exact moment in time that she left. Tampopo, now eager of her stay on Tamagotchi Planet, gets a thrilling tour of Tamatown, which is bustling with preparations for the King's birthday. "Tampopo goes to Tama School to learn with the others (she sits next to Kuchipatchi). After an accident in Science Class (which involved the entire room to become pitch back, leaving Mametchi terrified), Mametchi admits that he's afraid of the dark, and was worried what his younger sibling would think. He built his machine to summon his own private sun to provide himself light. "One day, Mametchi's parents, after giving Tanpopo her key for when she returns home, go out for a walk. Though several unlikely yet hilarious events, the egg bounds out the window, rolls down the street, and eventually falls into some ballons that end up caught on the top of a very high building. Repotchi breaks the story on live TV, and soon all of Tamagotchi Town is watching Mametchi try to save the egg. "Mametchi gets the egg, but falls, and Tanpopo catches him, but ends up falling too. Memetchi attempts to save them with a rope, but falls as well. Luckily, KuroMametchi is present, and he ingeniously uses Kuchipatchi to save them. Later, the egg hatches, and we watch the young newborn baby grow up into ChaMametchi, the younger sister of Mametchi. "Mametchi finally completes making his portable sun, which he calls MameTaioutchi. That night, his mom says that the rocket is complete, and gives Tanpopo the manual. Mametchi, however, asks her to stay to celebrate the King's birthday with everyone. The next day, however, Taioutchi (the Sun) doesn't appear. Though nobody minds too much at first, a loud sound booms through the planet, followed by the ground bouncing, throwing everybody in the air. "It turns out that without Taioutchi, the Planet's temperature began to drop, and now has a cold. Mametchi and Tanpopo rush to the Mame Invention Center to see what they can do to help, but Mametchi overhears the scientists discussing a letter that Taioutchi had left before disappearing...which slams all of the blame on Mametchi. Mametchi, now guilt-ridden, runs off crying. "Mametchi decides to take full responsibility, and attempts to use the rocket to look for Taioutchi...but he can't get the rocket to work. Tanpopo appears with Memetchi and Kuchipatchi, and gives Mametchi the manual to the rocket. ChaMametchi sneaks aboard too, and the rocket takes off into the stars. "Will Mametchi find Taioutchi? Will the Planet return to health? And will Tanpopo make it home safely?" Tamagotchi (C) Bandai, and Teamたまごっち