Lucía Y El Sexo (2001) - Road to Perdition [18+]

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Now, before you run to your next dvd rental store to get a copy of this because you like the imagery - be warned:

The movie is called "Sex and Lucia" for a reason, and if you're squeamish about nudity and the like you should avoid this movie by all means.
I obviously chose to exclude the scenes in question since a) I didn't want this video to get flagged and b) the scenes would have probably ruined the atmosphere of this video.

That having been said, "Lucía y el Sexo" is about all the things that are part of our love relationships:
Love, passion, loss, regret, and forgiveness - and every once in a while the possibility to fall into a hole that takes us back to the middle of the story...

I hope you'll have fun watching this. If you do (and also if you don't), please take a minute to comment - I'd love to hear from you. :o)

P.S.: For some reason YouTube doesn't offer a "Watch in High Quality" link for this video, so you'll need to manually add "&fmt=18" (remove the quotation marks) to the end of the video url to increase the quality (highly recommended as the standard "quality" just plain sucks).

Music: Thomas Newmann - Road to Perdition

Paz Vega (Spanglish)
Tristán Ulloa (Salvador)
Najwa Nimri (Abre los Ojos)
Daniel Freire ()
Elena Anaya (Hable con Ella)
Javier Cámara (La mala Educación)

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