Disney Songs of Friendship Multilanguage Mix

By: maja3322


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Hi everybody :) Well, I'm on vacation once again, and I have almost unlimited time for video-making. I've had the idea for this video for a long time, and now I have finally made it. It is a multilanguage mix with songs of friendship from various Disney movies. Enjoy it :)

The Jungle Book:
Polish, Swedish, Arabic, Icelandic and Dutch

Fox and the Hound:
Danish, Polish, Hungarian and Dutch

The Hunchback of Notre Dame II:
Portuguese, English, German and Hungarian

Toy Story:
Hindi, Portuguese, Danish, Latin Spanish, Arabic, German and Icelandic

Oliver & Company:
English, French, Hebrew, Finnish, Spanish and Norwegian

Russian, French Canadian, Czech, Japanese, Croatian, Brazilian Portuguese and Bulgarian

Brother Bear:
Thai, Korean, Mandarin, Italian and Cantonese

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