Sir Pelé : The Best of Football 0016 : Santos Vs. Boca 1963 Copa Libertadores

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Pelé RECORDS #100 meters in 11 seconds #69 Championships Won #1281 Official Goals Scored #1363 Official Matches Played #8 Goals in 1 Match #98 Hattricks (hattrick = 3 Goals in one Match) #589 Unofficial Goals Scored #605 Unofficial Matches Played #TOTAL = 1870 Goals Scored in 1968 Matches #Played in 4 World Cups and Won 3 World Cups #75 goals in world cups #12 goals in one world cup #129 goals in 1959 in Brazil's Championship #Scored Brazil's 100th Goal in World Cup Competitions #Won His First World Cup at the age of 17 #Athlete of the XXth Century by The International Olympic Committee #Football Player of the Century by FIFA #Leading World Record of 69 Championships Won #Highest football offer - up to US$ 30 milion by Milan in the 60's (1.5 Billion $ today) #Played in a Time When Football Had No Rules (No YELLOW or RED CARDS, so he had to score after he bleeded or got passed 4-6 players by passing the ball through their legs) RESPECT ##Title of "Sir",Honorary Knight of the British awarded by the Queen Elizabeth II 1997 #Never Consumed Drugs# #Athlete of the Century announced by the International Olympic Committee #Athlete of the Century awarded by Reuters News Agency 1999 #Athlete of the Century by DuPont Group world-wide survey 1996 #Athlete of the Century French daily L'Equipe - world wide journalist #Professional Who Transformed Football by Sports Illustrated magazine 1999 #Top Footballer of the Century UNICEF, in Viena, Austria 1999 #Football Sword of Honour by the English Football Almanac 1966 #Cavalier of the French Legion of Honour given by the French government 1963 #The Red Medal of Paris by the Municipality of the French capital 1971 #Diploma of Merit as Citizen of the World awarded by ONU 1999 #Honorary Citizen of Los Angeles New York, New Jersey, Santos, Guadalajara #Statue in India inaugurated in Durgapur, Bengal State (1983) #Order of the Cross of the Republic of Hungary the highest Hungarian honour 1994 #Member of the Hall of Fame city of Oneonta, New York #Human Rights Medal - awarded by the Jewish B'nai for his work against racial discrimination 1995 #Pele Day officially instituated by the Municipality of San #Football Player of the Century FIFA 1999 #King Pele Stadium inaugurated in Maceio, Alagoas 1970 #King Pele Stadiumin Tres Coracoes, presence or King from Sweden, Chile e Mexico embassors #Medal of the Order of Champions Catholic Youth Organisation, in New York 1978 --- #He is the all-time top scorer in the history of the Brazil National Team and is the only footballer to be a part of three World Cup-winning teams. #All though he was named part of the 1962 squad, he was injured and did not receive a winner's medal. During November 2007, FIFA announced that he would however be awarded the 1962 medal, making him the only player in the world to have 3 World Cup gold medals. Pelé vs. Maradona!!! They played both 21 years: Pelé 3 World Cup (1958,1962,1970); 1281 goals in 1363 games; 97 goals for Brazilian Team in 92 games; Could play and kick with right and left legs. Could score easily with head; Powered by passion. Maradona 1 World Cup (1986); 345 goals in 692 games; 33 goals for Argentina Team in 90 games; Could play and kick only with left leg. Couldn't score with head, so he used the hand; Powered by cocaine. FULL MATCHES 1.Brazil 4 x 1 Czechoslovakia 99 Minutes !! 2.Brazil 1 x 0 England 101 Minutes !! 3.Brazil 3 x 2 Romania 92 Minutes !! 4.Brazil 4 x 2 Peru (not available yet) 5.Brazil 3 x 1 Uruguay 100 Minutes !! 6.Brazil 4 x 1 Italy 90 Minutes !! HISTORY .1.World Cup 1958 Sweden (Pele was 17, he won Brazil it's first WORLD CUP) *Pele vs. West Germany (5 may 1962) [Friendly Match](20 Minutes) .2.World Cup 1962 Chile (Pele won his second World Cup) .3.World Cup 1966 England (Pele was faulted so rough in the match against Portugal, that he never played after that match for Brazil in the World Cup, Brazil loosing 3-1 against Portugal) *Pele vs. West Germany (december Maracana Stadion 1968) [Friendly Match](5 Minutes 24 Seconds) .4.World Cup 1970 MEXICO (Pele won his third World Cup)
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