The Music of Battle Garegga

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A longtime favorite among shmup fans, Battle Garegga is known for its realistic-looking aesthetic, its soundtrack, and its difficulty...particularly for the way it increases or decreases difficulty based on player performance. Produced by 8ing/Raizing in 1996 (and perhaps their most well-known game), it continues to be hailed as one of the most fulfilling vertical shooters in the history of shmups. Master composer Manabu Namiki uses the YM2151 sound chip (used in many older Toaplan games and also in Mahou Daisakusen / Sorcer Striker) to create an exciting soundtrack. I hope you enjoy listening to it. See also [different versions of "Fly to the Leaden Sky"]. Tracks: [0:01] Fly to the Leaden Sky [stage 1] [1:15] 4:71am [fighter select] [1:37] Underwater Rampart [stage 2] [3:51] Degeneracy [stage 4] [5:28] Subversive Awareness [stage 5] [7:11] Stab and Stomp! [air boss] [8:25] Thrust and Thrash! [surface boss] [9:20] Bluescape [name entry] [10:11] Rebellion [title] Game: Battle Garegga (arcade - 1996) Composer: Manabu "Santaruru" Namiki Once again, acknowledgement and thanks to Simon B. of the ffshrine forums for the rip.
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