The Collectibles - S1 Ep6 "With Grrrl Power Comes Grrrl Responsibility"

By: Moon Bullet


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Vance is very excited about the next interviewees, The Sisters of Might. VERY excited. But the women of The Power Posse are less impressed. Still, they will defer to Vance's leadership, right?... Right? ►The Collectibles is VIEWER SUPPORTED and CREATOR DISTRIBUTED. That means that YOU help make this show a reality. Help fund Season 1 of the The Collectibles superhero comedy webseries by clicking the DONATE button on ►Subscribe to Moon Bullet Studios to get all the latest from The Collectibles! Click to Tweet The Collectibles is a superhero comedy webseries where Superfriends meets The Office. In the wake of a teammate's career-ending injury, the world's foremost super team, The Power Posse, must navigate office politics and leverage their merchandising potential to appease their corporate sponsors. When the corporate honchos promise to shift the team management paradigm, is it just a warning or is Super Star's status as team leader in jeopardy? Is this Ultrafemme's chance to take over leadership at last? Will Death-Wish's conspiracy theories prove true? Will Aguaman ever be taken off the injured reserve list? Will The Quick put down his coffee? Will Receiver get her chance in the field? And will Shield Maiden stop texting for just one damn minute? ►Connect to The Collectibles:!/MoonBullet End credit music by Kirby Krackle. Sponsored by Arc Media Agency, Emerald City ComiCon, The Comic Stop, Top Pot Doughnuts, Le Creperie Voila Created by: Todd Downing, Dan Heinrich, Landon Salyer, Cherelle Ashby, Jonelle Cornwell, Trish Loyd Starring: Brian Sutherland, Lisa Skvarla, Dan Humphrey, Wonder Russell, S Joe Downing, Frank Aye, Casey Kinared, Trish Loyd, Elizabeth Daruthayan.
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