(RSMV) Word Up - Korn

By: Luckybucket


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[RSMV] Word Up - Korn was made using the game Runescape by Jagex Ltd. If you are not a fan of Runescape, and found this as a search result for the band Korn or the song Word Up, please simply go back and continue searching the results. It's not my intention for this to be a common result. Thank you.
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The following link increases the video quality for some. Personally it doesn't for me, as well as some others, yet it does for a lot, so try it out and hope it works. Don't need to know whether it does or not for you. If it does, good.



If that doesn't work, just sit back from a screen a little bit, and it should look fine.

This video was just a spur of the moment idea. Wanted to make another video quickly after Pretender, and I love this song, and figured a vid for it would be rather simple, so I went for it. To date, this is probably my most successful video in terms of stats for time uploaded.
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I have no freaking idea


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