SCTW 065 Patrick Gallagher 04/14/12

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Second City This Week EP #065 "Master and Commander-in-Chief" April 14, 2012 directed by Ron West Special Guest: Patrick Gallagher ("Endgame", "Glee") MY HEART by Robert Chan! and Matt Clisbee PARENTS by Colin O'Brien DIY by Jim Rowley CANADIAN CONSERVATIVES by Mike Bauman WHERE DO I KNOW YOU? by Katie Anderson & Stuart Gordon and Colin O'Brien & Kevin Ocampo ALIVE by Danny Lutman and Nahreen Tarzi TAX RETURN by Tim McGeary MOBILIZATION by George Caleodis SAINTS by Colin O'Brien & Kevin Ocampo ROMNEY by Andy Cobb CITY COUNCIL by George Caleodis FAR EAST SEGMENT by Nahreen Tarzi and Terry Huang TITANIC VACATION by Kevin Ocampo ZIMMERMAN by Douglas Black & Harmony Crane MISS UNIVERSE by Peter Aiello GAME by Tim McGeary OZZIE by Mike Bauman AOL by Peter Aiello AGAINST ALL ODDS by Angela Ingersoll
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