Wannabe - Spice Girls (Cover by Tiffany Alvord and Megan & Liz)

By: TiffanyAlvord


Uploaded on September 05, 2011 by TiffanyAlvord Powered by YouTube

Download "Wannabe" here: http://bit.ly/WannabeiTunes

Hey guys! I recently flew out to Nashville and got together with Megan and Liz. They are super fun, and awesome, and talented, so if you haven't heard of them, check out their channel: http://www.YouTube.com/meganandliz. This song was one of my favorite songs ever when I was growing up and it still is!! I thought it'd be so much fun to get together with my best YouTube friends and do a cover 'cause I thought it would fit us perfect. It was super fun making this video all in one take! Let us know what ya think.... friendship never ends!

Hit the like button for my pony tails! And hit the like button for Liz's awesome gym shorts! Hit the favorite button for Megan ripping up a school notebook!


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