New Call Of Duty Under Development By Sledgehammer



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A recent job listing revealed that Sledgehammer games is currently looking for a senior FX artist to work on their next call of duty game. A while back it was said that sledgehammer was working on a 3rd person call of duty title that revolved around a action adventure style. But from what we heard this was put on hold when sledgehammer help infinity ward with call of duty modern warfare 3. So what does this mean? well it could mean two or three things, 1, being there will be no next gen consoles next year (2013) and sledgehammer releases a cod game for current generation consoles, which is planned. They are putting it on current gen consoles, and infinity ward will release there next gen cod in 2014. or 2, sledgehammer releases there new cod title alongside with infinity ward's next gen title. This way both current gen players and next gen players get a new cod in the same year. or 3, next gen consoles do arrive in 2013 but without a call of duty title. to read the story about this new call of duty title click the link below Like my Facebook page to get updates and leave feedback. Thank You.
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